Internet Marketing 101: Free Tips from Abu Lovitt

Good morning, my loyal readers-and now a quick lesson in internet marketing.

Heard about the four P’s? Let’s go through them quickly.
1) Product: what you’re selling. Let’s take Mexican food in Israel for example. It’s nasty. Good luck marketing that.

2) Price: self-explanatory. Dr. Pepper costs 85 million shekels per can. I wonder why they don’t sell more here. The more competitive your prices, the easier you’ll be able to sell your product. Have you been to AM/PM before in Tel Aviv? I only go there if, aleph, it’s Shabbat, or bet, I’m at gunpoint. They won’t be hiring me for their marketing team anytime soon.

AM: PM stands for “Ante Meridiem: Post MAMA MIA ARE YOU FREAKING JOKING???”

3) Place: where you’re selling, how the product gets to the customer. I hear our neighbors make chumus better than we do. I also won’t be finding out anytime soon. This may explain why I don’t see many commercials for Chickpea Joe’s in Ramallah (or maybe it’s because I don’t have cable.)

4) Promotion: where and how you get your message to your customer. Internet advertising is the way to go these days although it seems that we still have some kinks to figure out in 2008.


Apparently, the hottest new site for Jewish online dating.
Jdate, consider yourself warned.

Ooh la la! Baby baby-how about you come back to my place and we make fatwas all night long? At least they made the ad in my native language this time.

More misplaced Middle East advertising from everybody’s favorite Arab Jewish blogger!

Thanks, Talia!

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