Eat Your Heart Out, Empire State Building

This is about all I have energy to post… Showing up in the same clothes as the day before can only mean one of two things:

1) “WawaWEEwa!”
2) Your new co-workers said, “come on, watch Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Euroleague championship game and then just crash here in Jerusalem!” and you said yes. The related lack of sleep and time away from my apartment gives even more reason to look forward to the upcoming time off…as if Israel’s 60th weren’t exciting enough already.

I can’t believe I’m still managing to post these days…we’ll see how long it lasts.

Here’s something that had me tickled pink yesterday (ech omrim “tickled pink”?) I managed to understand the vast majority of it. Seems the Israelis are slowly entering the War Zone and enjoying it.

And finally, before I fall asleep drooling on my MacBook, here’s a pic to get you excited for the 60th. I love Azrieli.
Apparently the individual lights are “sold” for 10 shekels each with the money going to some good cause. Anybody know anything?

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