That’s Funny….I Could Have Sworn It Was PASSOVER.

Hello, Ynet readers, and welcome to the War Zone! Put on your flak jacket and let’s have some fun.

Just a few quick photos before I (and the 35 pounds I just put on) hit the sack….

Is there anything more amazing than a country where the world’s most famous soft drink wishes you a chag sameach?

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Just beautiful. That’s life in the Jewish state, people. Where capitalism meets religion.

Did I say Jewish state? Then what in G-D’S NAME IS THIS???

Keep looking….keep looking…see it? SEE IT??? That would be a woman with a FREAKING SANTA CLAUS HAT AT THE SEDER TABLE. Way to instill Jewish identity in the next generation, lady.

To those of you in Israel, be sure to make it to Jerusalem’s Comedy Basement this Monday night. See you there!

When: April 21 at 7 PM and 11 PM
Headlining: Benji Lovitt
Featuring: Yossi Tarablus, Tal Solomon
MC: Hani Skutch
Location: Off The Wall Comedy Basement – Ben Yehuda 34 (corner of King George- down the stairs, near the Mashbir)
Cover: 40 shekels (35 shekels for students, soldiers, seniors) + 15 shekel drink minimum purchase
Reservations: 02-624-3218

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