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Last week, I went to an Israel21c happy hour hosting a group of techie bloggers from the Bay Area with What War Zone??? secret field correspondentMelissa.” The group was brought over by the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco, presumably to see life in Israel, our impressive hi-tech industry, and so on.
Upon entering, Melissa and I surveyed the premesis and after about five seconds, darted STRAIGHT for the fries. I ask you this, my loyal readers: at any point in life, does free food lose any of its luster? Are we too old to get excited by this? To be fair, we were both starving but the fact that it was on the house just added to the experience. (Did I mention the salad and bruschetta? Mmmmm…….)

When shmoozing with a couple of people, one guy started to mention a couple of tech/media conferences he had recently been to: Com.Vention and Kinnernet. I wanted to say, “Umm…do you have a speech impediment?” Turns out…they’re just clever names. Those tricky, tricky techies!

I managed to get a photo with one of the delegation participants. Anybody want to take a guess as to this man’s identity?

Who’s the guy on the left?
If he looks happy to be in this picture with me,
you might want to get your monitor looked at.

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