Las Vegas Has Set the Over/Under of Disturbing Things in This Story at 7.5

My anonymous field reporter “Melissa” is back with more news from the shetach (field) of Tel Aviv. This phenomenon CLEARLY deserves another post. (What aspiring What War Zone intern is brave enough to take a picture of one of these guys? Come on, college kids, you think you’re gonna have a more meaningful resume-padding experience in an office???)


I was walking on the tayelet (boardwalk) with a friend yesterday, when i saw the perfect picture for you (alas, i didn’t have a camera, or a photographic memory). An old man had clearly just gotten out of the sea and was standing IN HIS WET TIGHTY WHITIES, butt facing us, and on the tush was written some phrase in english with a picture of a monkey with a banana. I think it said something like “you are invited” or “the party starts here” or something to that effect. I can’t remember…oy! but it was classic.

then we continue walking and i see this older, HAIRY HAIRY HAIRY man laying on some rocks with JUST tightie whities in such a “model laying on the beach showing off her bikini” pose. And these weren’t big tighty whities, they were little.
it was NASTY.

thought i’d share.

Chag sameach, everybody!


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