How to Know That You’re Not in America Anymore

From earlier this morning….

Boker tov, my loyal readers-just a quick post before I run out the door for the weekend. So I’m in my kitchen boiling water to make oatmeal (thank you, kumkum.) A few minutes into the process (if you can call boiling water a process), I start to smell something burning. Huh? I’m not that bad of a cook, am I? (Nobody answer that.) I walk around the apartment, sniffing in a couple of rooms, before realizing that the voices coming from outside my kitchen window just said the world lechem (bread). Yep, they’re burning their chametz right outside my home.

Don’t remember that happening in intown Houston (or Dallas, or Atlanta, or Manhattan, or…)

From the entire team of us at What War Zone, chag Pesach sameach!

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