Fuzzy Math: 7 + 11 = 60

Boker tov, my loyal readers-how are you? I was recently reminded that when someone greets you with “boker tov!” (good morning), one traditional answer to respond with is “boker or!” (morning light) I say “reminded” because I can’t tell you the last time I recall hearing this. Is this a thing of the past, Israelis?

I think I’m going to bring that to the States next time I visit.

7-Eleven cashier: “Good morning.”
Benji with wide-eyed smile: “MORNING LIGHT!”
Cashier: (reaches for gun, starts to call 911)

Yeah, I see that translating well.

I wanted to bring to your attention a new and timely blog leading up to Israel’s 60th next month. 60Bloggers.com is bringing together (all together now) sixty bloggers writing about their feelings towards this amazing country, one a day. The first post went up a few days ago and some of my friends/people I like will be among those writing including Harry Rubenstein from The View from Here and Jerusalemite and Esther Kustanowitz from My Urban Kvetch and JdatersAnonymous. Yours truly, Benji Massachusetts/Abu Lovitt will of course be writing as well so stay tuned. And forward this site to your friends!

Morning light to all of you!

60Bloggers.com is a joint project of Jewlicious and the Let My People Sing Festival

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