Deeeeeeeeeeeep Breaths

Here’s a story passed on from a friend of mine which made me laugh (we’ll call her “Melissa”…classic American Jew name). It sounds like we’re cut from the same cloth.


I hear you about choking people who try to cut in line

Every day I get stressed out waiting for the number 66 monit sheirut. People start to gather and sometimes when one arrives, they swarm. One day, I was there before anyone else and was waiting for at least 10 minutes (longer than usual). When it arrived, this guy started to walk in front of me to get on and I snapped at him (in Hebrew) “I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU!!!” He looked at me with a “jeez, crazy lady” look, then said “I know, don’t worry.” Of course when I get on, there are like 5 empty seats. I felt like such a schmuck.


I’m with you, Melissa, I’m with you.Ok, and just because this made me laugh as well, in preparation for the big interview, she and I were engaged in a conversation about what Israeli women are looking for…a gever (a man) or a gever gever (uh…manly man?)

Gever gever is what you described earlier, the macho man of the house, my wife and kids will RESPECT me, kick some ass kind of guy.

Gever is a man who you have confidence in, is confident but not cocky. This is my main, simple definition. He is the opposite of a mama’s boy. And it doesn’t hurt if he knows how to change a tire (himself, no cheating by calling AAA) and how to set up a tent and build a fire. Don’t know why, but those things came to mind. Silly definition I know, but it’s mine.

Uhhhhh…anybody want to teach me how to set up a tent? I mean, teach someone else, I mean…. Do they call it Triple Aleph here?


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