Can I Buy a Vowel?

Shalom, my loyal readers-I hope you all had a wonderful chag. We recently talked about Israeli reality TV but at the end of the day, this country (and much of the world) is still obsessed with American pop culture. Just last week, Channel 10 covered the recent microphone snafu on “American Idol” with Brad Pitt which presumably many of you TV-watching Americans know about.

Well, at least I think they were talking about “American Idol”. They may have been talking about a bake sale.

I thought we made it pretty clear here. How in G-d’s name did this unfold?

Channel 10 Production Director: “Ya’alah, we go live in ten seconds!”
Screen Editor: “Rega! We have many typos and look like idiots!”
Channel 10 Production Director: “Yiyeh b’seder! Who caaaaaaaaares!?!?!?!”

Is this the news or “Wheel of Fortune”? You decide.

Hat tip to Frgdr.com.

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