Thank G-d It’s Thursday

Ok, so it’s Friday. But yesterday was Thursday. And in this country, that’s the last day of the work week. Has anyone made the “TGIT” t-shirts yet? I call dibs.

Today is Friday which in this country means shopping day. Or coffee day. Or “get as much done as humanly possible because tomorrow, you ain’t doin’ squat” day (aside from sitting on the beach…ha ha, Jerusalemites.) I should seriously do some shopping, as I still have my Pesach gift certificates from a year ago that I should probably use at some point. What brave soul wants to take me shopping?

Sheinkin Street’s shopping district. This country makes me laugh.

I should probably start at Castro, whose clothing seems to be ubiquitous. I could be wrong about this but as a citizen, you are legally obligated to have at least one shirt with the red label hanging off your body attracting attention. I’m tempted to hold out to see if they take away my teudat zahut (identity card) at the end of my first three years.

One place I will not be going is one of my least favorite stores: Fox Baby, the cousin of its American counterpart, Baby Gap. I’m sorry but I hate one year-olds who dress nicer than I do. That’s humiliating.

Clerk: “Awww, is the wittle baby crying because he needs a new diaper?”
Parent: “No, he’s pissed off because his Dora bib doesn’t match his sweater vest.”

Ok, it’s 9:30 AM, I’m still in bed, and we just lost an hour (did you change your clocks?) Coffee time. Mmm….coffee.

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