Now That’s Service

Hello, my loyal readers-I’m home sick today.  Woke up yesterday with a fever and sniffle.  Change of seasons?  Perhaps.  And what did I learn on my first sick day?  That in many jobs apparently, you need a doctor’s note for the time off to come from your sick days, not your vacation time.  That’s new for me….not sure what else to say about that.

In between two of my naps and during one of my sit-around-and-do-nothing sessions, the phone rang.  I answered it and was greeted by “shalom, zoht Tia m’Machbesat Amir.”  (This is Tia from Amir Cleaners.)  My first thought was “that’s strange, I don’t remember dropping off clothes there.”  Surprise-she’s not calling me to ask me when I’m going to pick up my 2002 Banana Republic black sweater which I refuse to get rid of.  No-she’s calling to say I haven’t been around for a while and is everything ok?

Wow.  I had heard about these calls but not yet received one.  My answer is that I recently moved to Kikar Rabin and their store just isn’t so close anymore (and after my recent 72 shekel dry cleaning bill for 2 shirts and a sweater, I’m not sure I’ll ever dry-clean again….although to be fair, that was at a different store.)

That’s some nice service.  The pessimist might say “don’t take it personally, they’re just trying to get your business.”  Could be but it actually seemed like they cared.  Am I crazy?

Now…back to my soup….

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