De What???

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about my effort to buy Pant Steak from the store. That was just the most recent example of my attempt to read English words in Hebrew which all Americans know are the toughest ones to make out. Just a few days later, I ran into another problem when looking at my bank account online.

Second to last transaction…“Who in the hell is De Na-SHON Tar-PEEK?”

Anyone want to take a stab? Or you can give up and check my Facebook profile. I laughed out loud really hard when I figured it out.

And since I volunteered a prize which I now have to pay up, Silver Spring Alan, if you email me a topic about something silly in Israel, I will write about it. (Lame prize? I couldn’t think of anything else…what, you think I’m making mad cash off this site? (Ech omrim “mad cash”?))

Postscript: Ok, so after a little bit of thought, perhaps it’s best to not have my company name show up on this blog. After all, b’Yisrael yesh Goo-gehl (written like it’s pronounced…and yes, a few weeks ago, my roommate actually “corrected” my pronunciation.

Somewhere in the middle of a discussion…

Benji: “Google.”
Roommate: “Goo-gehl
Benji’s brain: “Did that just happen?”)

So Miss Worldwide, you were correct in your second comment which has since been deleted. The rest of you…if you can’t figure it out, hey, welcome to Israel.

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