Kikar Rabin: ‘Lights…Camera….Ehhhhhhhhhhhh’

Tonight was Earth Hour here in Tel Aviv, an hour to turn off lights to make a statement about global warming and the environment (hopefully this statement was that it’s not good). Thousands came to Kikar Rabin for a concert, sponsored by the city, where the band Knisiat Hasechel performed. At 8 PM, the lights went out in the iriya (municipality building) and apparently in certain businesses around the city who agreed to participate. The lighting for the band was powered by a group of spinners on an adjacent stage (When I was a kid, these were called stationery bikes. When the hell did “spinning” come along? What is this? Do Israelis call it “speeneeng“?)

I love the site of people in attendance to support the environment…smoking cigarettes. I wonder if they’ll pass out plastic flyers with information about global warming as well.

Here’s a short look. If you don’t recognize the female journalist, that’s Bar Rafaeli. She likes when I call her “Amalia”. That and “Sugar Falafel”.

Earth Hour for the rest of the world happens in two days. Who says Jews are late?

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