Haaretz Gets in Touch With Their Inner Tupac

YO YO YO, MY LOYAL READUZ!!! This is MC B-Love, kickin’ it from the 03 in TA.


I want to focus today on my main man Moziz. Moziz be CRAAAAAAAAAAY-ZEEEEEEE!

I knew it for a while, you know what I’m sayin’, but I don’t know if Y’ALL know it. Lemme aks you this: if I told you Moziz was frontin’ all that time in the desert, not keepin’ it real or being true to himself, would you believe me, dawgz? NO?


Moziz was STRAIGHT trippin’, yo!

(If Israelis don’t understand what I just say, fear not. Neither do I, although do know that white youth in America like to listen to music lyrics like these. For more info on Moe, click here.

G-d, I hope they leave the headline.)

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