‘Ehhhhh….Mah Zeh Bracket?’

The wait is over.It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year.

Purim?I’m talking about March Madness!If you haven’t filled out your brackets yet, be sure to do so.

It was estimated that employers lost over one BILLION dollars last year in lost productivity during the two-and-a-half week period of March Madness.For my Israeli readers who aren’t familiar with this tradition, let me translate for you:

March Madness = coffee and cigarettes

In fact, I think seven of my co-workers are getting into March Madness as we speak.

Anyway, without further ado, I will now reveal my Final Four picks:

UCLA, North Carolina, Texas, and Haifa University.

Haifa definitely has a long road ahead of them but the Fighting Bahais are due after underachieving each of the last seven years.Go Haifa U!

And a chag sameach to all.

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