Can We Get Roger Ebert on the Phone, Please?

Every morning, my day starts like clockwork. Alarm goes off, I stumble out of my room, and am greeted by the sight of my roommate eating breakfast at the kitchen table. This morning, the repetition of it all struck me. About 30 seconds after waking from slumber, I made the mistake of trying to explain the movie “Groundhog Day” to her in Hebrew. This is a rough translation.

“You know the movie about….ummm….there’s a holiday on February 2nd….about
this…ummm…this little animal that comes out of a hole in the ground…and if there
is sun, he sees his (grasping at straws to come up with word…no success)….and a
funny man named Bill Murray is in it…and every day, ummm…it’s the same day…


You know this movie?”



Blank stare. I don’t know how to say “mental asylum” but she may or may not have called it when I was in the shower.

What a ridiculous way to begin a day. Ech omrim “can I have the last 60 seconds of my life back?”


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