‘The Wheels on the Bus Go….Back in Time’

I’ll be honest, my loyal readers: I get lost. A lot. Well, not so much lost as simply unable to get where I’m trying to go. To get lost, you first should have had some idea of where you trying to get to before going astray. Me? I have no clue of where I’m headed.

I used to ask people here for directions until I figured this out. Often I try finding my way online but the transportation websites aren’t always so helpful…remember this?

Just yesterday, I tried getting a bus route from the site of Dan, the bus company in Tel Aviv. This is what I saw on their “what’s new” ticker.
Thank you for the up to date info, Dan Bus. If I was able to capture more of the headlines in this picture, you would have seen

14.05.2001: Israel declares independence, webmaster returns after 53 year cigarette break”

Get with the program, Dan. I’ve got places to go.

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