‘Meet George Jetson…His Boy Shmulik….’

Hello, my loyal readers-we’re back. Back from the future!

On a recent rainy day, I decided to travel to the year 2030 to see what the future has in store for Israel. I must say, it was quite exciting. Robots cutting in line, flying Egged buses…and a kitchen device which may change the world forever.

In the future, Israelis call it the Gimel-500. I like to call it a “can opener.” With just a few turns of the hand, this “can opener” provides quick and easy access to foods like tuna fish. I managed to take a picture and bring it back with me to Tel Aviv.

Don’t get too close…it may attack.

My Israeli friends reacted with wonder and shock, as they are used to using the Gimel-500’s grandfather, seen here.The Aleph-500, while small and convenient to carry, is uncomfortable, annoying, and a primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome in olim chadashim between the ages of, oh…33 and 33. The Gimel-500 is quick, easy, and can be found at the shuk if you are good at pantomime.

Eating has never been so much fun. What else does the future hold???

Now if I could only find a can opener like this…

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