Legends of the Mossad: Don’t Worry Israel, You’re in Good Hands (Belch)

Pull up a chair, my loyal readers, it’s time for a history lesson. Today we’re going to talk about an Israeli legend, Meir Amit.

….a man who made the Mossad what it is today as director during the 1960s…

….a man who helped deliver its first MiG fighter plane when its Iraqi pilot defected to Israel…

….a man who fought in the War of Independence, served in the Knesset, and is a monumental figure in Israeli intelligence…

And a man who likes a vodka shot right around 5 in the afternoon.

Meir Amit, his grandson and my friend Itai, and I. I tried to get him to spill the beans on why Marzipan is so good but he wasn’t talking. Those Mossad guys are tough.
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