BREAKING NEWS: Hamas taken over by 7 year-old

How else to explain this article?

After the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the targeted killings, the
Palestinian organizations have found a new reason for firing Qassam rockets
on southern Israel: Cartoons published in Denmark denouncing Prophet



Um…can you repeat that?

The Salah al-Din Brigades, the Popular Resistance Committees’ military wing,
claimed responsibility for firing the rockets. The organization’s spokesman,
Muhammad Abed al-Aal, told Ynet that the firing operation, dubbed “the lines
of fire”, was a response to the “crimes of the Israeli occupation against
the Palestinians,” but also “in response to the cartoons published in
Denmark degrading the memory of Prophet Muhammad.

Is that how it works? In that case, in response to the Tel Aviv municipality not giving me my arnona discount, I plan to strap arsim to short-range missiles and launch them at population centers in Gaza City. (I apologize in advance for the disproportionate response.)

“He started it!”

Asked why the residents of Sderot and the Negev should pay the price for
cartoons published in Denmark, Abed al-Aal responded, “The Jews have also hurt
Islam and have also hurt the Koran in their prisons, as part of the plot to harm
Islam and the memory and status of Prophet Muhammad.

Abed al-Aal added that the State of Israel looked at him funny.Isn’t there a statute of limitations on misguided revenge? These cartoons are almost 2.5 years old! You didn’t see me kicking the dog this morning just because I got picked last in kickball in 3rd grade. On second thought, I propose that Israel nuke Miami Beach in response to the pogroms.

In an off-the record comment, al-Aal added that he also blamed it on the rain that was falling falling in addition to the stars that did shine at night.

(Hat tip: Talia)

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