You Can Take Me Out of Their Office, But You Can’t…

From the makers of Year Course, Israel Summer Programs, and Extra Strength Robitussin, Young Judaea Israel Programs and Hadassah bring you…

Pride in Israel, a 10 day summer trip for 20s and 30s to experience Israel from a gay perspective.

This is something I know they have been discussing for some time now and I imagine it’s one of the first trips like this of its kind. The big thing these days is variety in programming in order to reach new audiences who wouldn’t otherwise come to Israel. Just take a look at MASA‘s website to see what’s out there.

While it does hit many of the classic destinations, the itinerary also looks pretty interesting and unique. It also made me laugh a few times. I don’t remember my summer trip itinerary listing: “Dead Sea spa: Ahhhhhhhhh……….” On June 21st, participants will enjoy “Everybody Dance Now: Dance Performance at the Dalal Centre”. If C+C Music Factory are performing, I may have to switch to the other team for one night only.

Freedom Williams and Theodore Herzl…only in Israel

Right now…somewhere out there…somebody is saying: “Mah zeh Robitussin???

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