Remember This Name

After these egregious offenses, I have developed what I call “Post-Traumatic Name Syndrome” where I become terrified at the sight of a coffee barista-type with a microphone, just waiting to scream “BAHN-gee” to the delight of everyone nearby. When they lean over to say a name, I jump.

Fortunately, to my surprise, they got it right last week at Aroma. When I saw the receipt, saw why: they had actually entered my name in English.
Hmm…that’s interesting. That can’t be easy, right? To switch languages and hunt and peck for the English letters? Thank you, Aroma.

In the meantime, I’ve figured out a way to get revenge on people who call me “BAHN-gee”. I tell them my last name is “Massachusetts.” They hate saying that word.

Benji Massachusetts: Coming to an Arena Near You.

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