‘It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, The Old Man is…EHHHHHHHHHH…….’

The big story here, aside from the Winograd Report, is the weather the last few days. While the snow was coming down in Jerusalem, the heavens opened up in Tel Aviv and brought down buckets of rain (follow links for pictures of the white stuff.)
It hasn’t rained much this winter (does it ever, really?) but when it does, it comes down and this time, with winds as heavy as I’ve felt. Two days, two broken umbrellas. There is nothing more annoying than buying an umbrella and having it turn inside-out within 3 minutes. I swear, even Mother Theresa would drop F-bombs. (Ech omrim “F-bomb”?)
Where I come from, they’re not supposed to look like this.

Yesterday, I didn’t have patience for a 10 minute walk under those weather conditions so I hailed a cab to drive me to the train station. After the cab started moving, I asked the driver in Hebrew*, “Is it ‘tacha-NAH rakevet (train station) or ‘tacha-NAHT rakevet’ ?” His look gave one of four answers:
A) Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..
B) I hate my job.
C) Who gives a *$*%&???
D) A and B
I guess somebody gives a *$*%& because every time it rains, it makes the news. Not just the rain but the updated water level of the Kinneret, as in “the water level in the Kinneret increased 4 centimeters today but is still 8 centimeters below the red line.” I don’t know much about it but basically, I think the red line is the “healthy water level”.

And although I haven’t seen documented proof, if I’m not mistaken, this is the only line that exists in the entire country. Unless you count this one


*It’s “tachanat”. If you know smichut, you might be Israeli.

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