Ech Omrim ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’?

If you’ve been paying attention, you saw that I’ve been looking for an apartment. Well, I was looking, for all of three days. Thanks to Homeless, Israel’s version of Craig’s list, I found something almost immediately, doing it in Hebrew all by myself I might add! Exciting.

I’ll be moving just a short walk away to Sderot Chen, close to Kikar Rabin (Rabin Square), where I’ll be living with a 36 year-old female social worker. The move’s on Friday so today’s one of the big packing days.

For every minute of actual packing, there’s of course two minutes of close examination, reflection, and throwing away. Under the departments of examination and reflection come a few pictures. Almost all my photo albums are still in the States at my parents’ house but I somehow managed to unknowingly bring a few pics over here with me. The ones below are from almost exactly 15 years ago during my year abroad.

I always wanted to submit this to a photo contest. Somewhere in Tel Aviv.

Working in the fields on Kibbutz Ketura. Aleph, that’s me pretending to be ignorantly pulling a pipe as if it were a weed. Guess you had to be there. And bet, no, those weren’t my clothes. They belonged to the kibbutz. I’ll never forget all of us getting to choose work clothes, trying on horribly ugly outfits as if it were some kind of fashion show from hell. My favorite was a form-fitting sleevless leopard shirt. If there are pictures of this, I hope they’ve been destroyed.

Teaching Israeli Arab high school students in Tarshicha, the sister city of Ma’alot, up in the Galil. This picture was staged for PR purposes. I don’t remember any actual one-on-one tutoring. Instead we mostly stood at the front of the class and led interactive discussions in English on such important topics as professional wrestling (very popular in Israel) and the lyrics to Michael Jackson songs.

Ok, back to packing.

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