This is Where My Taxes are Going?

As if this wasn’t silly enough…

Now it turns out that the Knesset may be renaming the term “maternity break” because it implies that mothers are on some kind of vacation.

“The word ‘break’ makes it seem as though the parents are taking a long vacation on a beach somewhere, and can then return to work tanned, rested and happy,” says MK Melchior.

“The truth of the matter is that the exact opposite is true: The months following the birth of a child are a trying, exhausting, time for new parents, and are incredibly demanding both physically and mentally.

In an unrelated story, a group of pregnant mothers have submitted an initiative to rename the government. Said twenty-nine year old Ruti Guf-tov, “The word ‘government’ makes it seem as though our representatives are leading our country.”

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