Oh, those crazy talkbackers

I have a love/hate relationship with online news. I like the immediacy of it but I hate…ok, I’ll say it. I hate the commenters at the bottom. At least when it comes to the Middle East. Could these individuals be the most angry, hateful people on the planet?

Average exchange…

Article: “The peace talks began in Annapolis today…”

Commenter: “I HATE ISRAEL!!! DEATH TO THE ZIONISTS!!!” Signed, Tom from Cleveland

The article could be about anything. “Falafel is a tasty snack.” THE OCCUPATION MUST END!!!!

This just in! The Guinness Book of World Records has just confirmed this record-breaking achievement: just a few minutes ago, in only a single comment, a commenter managed to insert politics into a conversation that it had no business being in.

This Ynet article announces the brand-new 2 shekel coin entering circulation. What is the very first response?

Ugly but…the only nice thing about it is that it has Arabic letters! The language of the native of people of Palestine.

-Samadar _____, Jerusalem, Palestine

Mazal tov, Samadar! Guinness has also confirmed that you have more time than anyone in the world. Your prize is a lifetime subscription to every cable channel on TV and a free Tivo. That should help fill your schedule.

Update! (5:17 PM)
Comment #2: #1 shut up. you ignorant fool (ari)


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