”No End-eeng? No Proh-blem!”

According to my friend Steph over at Israelity, it seems that a movie theater in Eilat accidentally got a shortened copy of “The Golden Compass“. With that piece of knowledge, my loyal readers, can you identify the oddest truth about this story?

A) That they did in fact RECEIVE a copy of the movie with no ending
B) That this theater is still SHOWING the movie at a discounted price
C) That moviegoers are actually TAKING THEM UP on this insane offer
D) A and B
E) B and C

F) I’m laughing too hard to answer
G) Are you still reading this?

Says Steph: “Shlomit” of the cinema told local press that the replacement film will be in Israel in a few days but in the interim…”anyway it’s the last few minutes and nobody misses anything anyways.”

Huh??? Would these people have paid to see a shortened version of “The Usual Suspects” or “The Sixth Sense”?

Shmulik: “Ehhhhhhh…Dudu! Did you see deh new Bruce Wee-lees movie?”
Dudu: “Yes, yes, it was great!
Shmulik: “And I kent bee-leev he recovered so good after that gunshot wound at the beginning.

(awkward silence)

Dudu: “What ahr you, stoo-peed? Noooo!!!!! Why you go to theater with bad copy???

You get what you pay for.

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