And Now a Quick Word from Our Sponsors…

Or am I their sponsor? Anyway, a plug for a couple of things that came across my virtual desk recently.

The Jewish Reconnection Project is a web-only mini series which shows young Jews in New York and Jerusalem talking to each other and sharing how their Judaism affects their lives. It’’s meant to give viewers a sense of the diversity of Jews around the world and to let college-age people express their own ideas about Judaism with the goal of creating a stronger, healthier Jewish community. The JRP is the baby of Todd Schechter in New York whom I haven’t met, although we do share 3 mutual friends according to a certain social networking site.

Whatever you do, don’t become friends with this guy.

IsraelVintage: Icons on T-shirts sells t-shirts online decorated with icons “collected along the way” through Israel’s 60 years. The site itself reminds me of one of my faves, Busted Tees, in its appearance and models (although there is currently no Hebrew version of “Don’t Tase Me, Bro“. Nobody steal the idea…IT’S MINE, DO YOU HEAR ME???)

Shabbat shalom, everybody.

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