I am not one for conspiracy theories but something is amiss in Delta-Israel! Please see the letter I recently received from their customer service department after having problems during a recent check-in.

Some of the red flags:

  • “Thank you…”
  • “We are sorry…”
  • “We regret that…”
  • “…we apologize for…”
  • “Again, thank you…”
  • “…accept our sincerest apology…”
  • And the kicker…”please find attached our check in the amount of…US$50.”

Does anyone else see something strange going on??? There is only one plausible explanation: ALIENS HAVE INVADED DELTA AND ARE USING THEIR BODIES AS HOST ORGANISMS!!!

Does anyone have connections in the media??? Considering this letter is dated a month ago, they’ve done a great job of covering their tracks but they failed to recognize one thing: no American immigrant would ever believe this letter ever came from Israeli customer service.

So please, my loyal readers, spread the word, make a phone call, DO SOMETHING!!! THE FUTURE OF THE JEWISH STATE IS AT STAKE!!!

(My family members, if I mysteriously disappear in the immediate future, I love you. Please give my Aerosmith CDs to someone who’ll appreciate them.)

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