Now That’s Chutzpah!

From a recent JTA report:

A wealthy Israeli businessman is offering a cash prize for initiatives that instill manners in his native land.

Ronny Maman, who recently returned to Israel after 18 prosperous years in San Diego, announced this week that he will give $60,000 to anyone who comes up with a way to make the Jewish state more considerate.

“We should all be helping each other,” Maman, 55, told Yediot Achronot, deploring what he described as the spread of chutzpah in Israel in recent years.

Maman invited contestants to send their proposals to his Web site, www.derech-eretz.org. The winner will be selected next year, and Maman said he may also publish a book with the best 100 ideas.

“The intention is to create awareness, which in turn will create action, and then everything will change,” he said.

The “spread of chutzpah?” What is this, a communicable disease? Someone call the CDC! I actually see chutzpah more as like a family value.

As for the prize…$60,000, huh? Nothing to sneeze at. Except that when I checked out his website linked above, the ad on the homepage screams out “250,000 ש”ח”. A quick currency conversion shows that as of today, with an exchange rate of 4.035, he should be paying in dollars $61,962. So basically if an American wins this, he’s going to pocket almost $2000???

Now THAT’S chutzpah!

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What else about this report exudes chutzpah, my loyal readers? The potential jokes are endless.

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