More Great Duos in History

Has it really been a year since we covered some of the great duos in history? Let’s take a look at a few more.

1) Steven Tyler and Joe Perry: Nicknamed the “Toxic Twins“, these rock n’ roll powerhouses had enough hits to span TWO careers (the earlier of which I now prefer.) Some friends like to remind me that I went to an Aerosmith concert with my mother because she wouldn’t let me go alone. To them, I say…um, let’s move on to number 2.

2) Falafel and shawarma: this pair sustained me through many a trip to Israel. Still delicious even today. As I’ve mentioned before, I love how Americans portray falafel as a “healthy snack.” If you mean that in terms of how it’s deep-fried in oil and clogs arteries like there’s no tomorrow, yes, I suppose it’s right up there with tofu and oat bran.

3) Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin (“The Triplets“): Led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowls. What, you want me to pick just two of them? You don’t choose when it comes to family.

4) Yasser Arafat and Sheik Yassin: Paying attention? Just checking.

5) Yiyeh B’seder and Hakol B’seder: The yin and the yang of “everything is messed up real bad.” We’ve devoted a lot of attention to the former, that ubiquitous phrase that Israelis say during times of trouble which, upon further investigation, actually has no healing power whatsoever.

My dog just died!
“Yiyeh b’seder!”
I just failed a test!
“Yiyeh b’seder!
The doctor wants to amputate my genitals.
“Nu, be’emet! Stop woh-ree-eng!”

Only a few days ago did I meet this phrase’s partner-in-crime, its other half, its soulmate….without further ado, I present to you…


Whereas “yiyeh b’seder” translates to “it will be ok”, this phrase lets us know that everything IS ok! Let’s try it out, shall we?

Gee, I don’t know…let’s just say a friend of mine named “Renji” was taking a sheirut (shared taxi) from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv Saturday night listening to his iPod. (It may or may not have been Def Leppard but it’s sort of irrelevant since this is of course just a story.) He’s relaxed, starting to doze off, when suddenly, the sheirut swerves out of the right lane and collides with the barrier on the side of the highway. What happened?!, one passenger asks. Another responds, he fell asleep! Yes, yes, Renji thinks he did fall asleep, as he did see him swerve a little just a few minutes earlier and thought nothing of it.

But wait! The driver says “hakol b’seder!” Whew, now they can put THAT behind them. Apparently there was a flying rock on the road and he reacted. One passenger calls him a liar and the whispering continues although I’m not sure why…didn’t they hear him? HAKOL B’SEDER, MY FRIENDS!!!!! He almost killed them all? NO PROOOOH-BLEM!!! Hakol b’seder right now and yiyeh b’seder tomorrow! Life is great!

Is everything ok with you, my loyal readers?

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