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Hardy har har. Only nine days till WordCamp Israel, a one-day seminar on blogging including workshops on business, marketing, technology, and other impressive sounding words. The keynote speaker is Lorelle VanFossen who apparently has been blogging in one way or another for 13 years about topics such as travel, nature and travel photography, web design, and more.

13 YEARS??? 13 years ago, I was the first person I knew to get email.

(By the way, 14 years ago, I was also realizing you could go into your Eudora preferences, change your “From” name in a lickety-split, and prank your friends. Ahh, the early days of the internet. Ech omrim “lickety-split”? Ok, I’m digressing.)

Here’s some nice press for What War Zone???. In honor of the conference, Lorelle features some English and Hebrew Israeli blogs to watch out for including this one, calling it rip-roaring and twisted. (Boy, you barbeque even one baby on Yom Ha’atzmaut and nobody lets you forget it.) I’m looking forward to the conference; should be interesting And I may migrate this site over to WordPress sometime. (And Blogger will be hacking my site in 3…2…1…)

On an unrelated note, it’s fun to go into this site’s statistics and see where readers and accidental visitors are coming from. Recently, someone ended up here after searching on Ask.com for “im going on holiday to israel do i have to wear a burqa”. Check it out. I don’t know what’s more surprising, that someone knows so little about this country or that there is a living thing on this planet not using Google for searches. Right now, somebody is getting defensive as he drinks his Mr. Pibb and watches movies on his Betamax. I also like how this guy writes his life story in the search…not sure what else to say about that. By the way, I just checked: Lycos, Altavista, and Dogpile search engines are still out there. If any of my loyal readers still use any of these three sites, you will receive a prize.

Right now, hundreds of former employees are wiping away their tears with their stock certificates.

And lastly, here’s another, umm, interesting search. Hey, it’s a comment, what can I do?

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