Shana Tovah from 30,000 Feet!

It’s great to be back in Israel where the feel of the chagim just doesn’t compare to that in the States (in the best of ways). Both at camp this summer and during my three years recruiting for Young Judaea’s Israel programs, I constantly talked to teens and families about the powerful experience of visiting places like the Old City of Jerusalem, Kikar Rabin, and the Golan. However, it’s also true that the Israel experience really begins not at the Kotel, but at the El Al check-in area at your home airport. I recently went through the standard security interrogation before returning home. Everyone’s been through it, but I always wonder… seriously, where do they get these questions from?

“Ehhh..how you know Hebrew?”
“You had Bar-Mitzvah?”
“Yes, at Congregation Beth Torah.”
“You have sees-tehr?”
(big grin) “I am seeeeeeen-gel!”

Back off, Mr. Security Guy. And get your suspicious package outta here.

It’s such a specific skill, the asking of the questions. What are these people going to do when they quit their jobs? El Al security driving carpool!

“Boker tov, keeds. Ehhh…did you pack your own lunch? Who prepared your homework? B’seder, enjoy your class.”

Nothing gets past these guys.

But you really enter Israel the moment you board the plane. The Hebrew, the people, the food. And just as the chagim are a special time here, you can even feel them on the flight. Check out what I captured on camera just a few feet away from my seat.

Who needs TVs on the back of your seats? THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

From the Israeli airlines and our entire staff in the Zone, we wish you a happy and sweet 5768.


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