Lions and Tigers and Bears!!!…EHHHHH….

Well, my loyal readers, it’s great to be back. For those of you have followed my hilarious first year living in Israel, welcome back. For first-time visitors, welcome to the party. Many of my friends over the past year have delighted in asking about my now “ex-roommate” who landed herself in the unofficial Blog Hall of Fame with this disgusting incident. Sadly, she and I went our separate ways before the summer and I returned to a new apartment, located a whopping 2 minutes by foot from my old place. It’s on my favorite street in Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard, with a mirpeset (balcony) directly overlooking the street. And…get this…I actually have a salon (living room)! Wow! More on all this to come in future posts.

Let’s start the new year by quickly meeting the new roommates, named with aliases, at least for now. First, there’s “Dudu”, the 28ish year-old reporter. Laid back, sense of humor. Next is “Osnat”, the 28ish illustrator, also working in the media.

So I’m sitting in the salon a couple of days ago watching Fox News to get my fix of American news. The story is about the economy and housing market with the headline on the screen: “Bulls and Bears: To Buy or Not to Buy?” There is complete quiet as we both watch intently. After about 3 minutes, Dudu breaks the silence as he suddenly exclaims, “Who deh fahk are all these bulls and bears?

It’s going to be a funny year.

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