No Wonder Some People are Afraid to Come

As we all know too well from following the news, things have once again been heating up in the Middle East. There is a real danger these days which shows no signs of abating at least for a few months. That’s right…it’s matkot season.

Matkot, according to Wikipedia, “or beach paddleball, is a popular traditionally non-competitive game in Israel, sometimes called Israel’s unofficial national sport.” It is played with two players who attempt to hit the ball back and forth as many times as humanly possible, creating a high-risk environment where beachgoers can enjoy the possibility of being hit in the head by a ball flying at Mach-2. The object of the game is somewhat unclear. While matkot advocates claim that it is a leisure sport, like frisbee, involuntary spectators have found more accurate comparisons to games such as Chinese water torture and banging your skull against the wall.

The Muslim fundamentalists have their terrorism summer camps. Israeli children have matkot. So sad to see another lost generation of youth.

I urge you, my loyal readers, to kickstart a hasbara (advocacy) campaign and alert the world to the matkot wars being waged on the Mediterranean. How long will we sit back and watch innocent beachgoers live in fear of flying matkot balls??? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Ok, readers, what other safe games can we suggest to make the beach fun for all?

Here are a few favorites that you might find beachgoers partaking in…
1) Pee in the sea undetected
2) Spot the American
3) Sit in the café’s beach chair without paying the roving guy 12 shekels

Let’s hear from you! MAKE THE BEACH SAFE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!

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