Don’t Expect to See These Guys on the Fortune 500 List Any Time Soon

Hat tip to my buddy Tal for this one…

This recent NY Times article talks about the latest breed of jihadists in Gaza, Lebanon, and other places I won’t be visiting before hell freezes over (although I hear Khan Yunis is lovely this time of year.)
No need to read the whole thing-I’ll summarize for you.
“Bomb terror fundamentalist terror terror bomb bomb”
(That reminds me…hey, all you kids who grew up at summer camp! Remember this song? “I said a boom chicka boom!”
Here’s one verse you may not have learned as a kid…terrorist style!
I said a bomb chicka bomb!
I said a bomb chicka bomb!
I said a bomb chicka bomb!
I said a bomb chicka bomb!
I said a bomb chicka jihad chicka jihad chicka bomb!”
Brings back memories, don’t it? Good thing I’m spending my summer at Jewish summer camp. But alas, I digress…)
The funny part of the article though (and let’s be honest, what’s NOT funny about Muslim fundamentalists?) is this:

The Army of Islam in Gaza is similarly shady, Mr. Mhaisin said. “It’s very
difficult to find a detailed description of such groups,” he said. “It’s like
the movement of ghosts, but there are signs: the burning of Internet cafes,
statements on the Internet, various fatwas.”

Hmm…issuing statements on the internet…and then burning down internet cafes. Sounds like somebody needs to improve their strategic planning. What’s next? Building nuclear bombs and then blowing up the reactors? Great idea, boys! What, pray tell, do their internet statements read like?
“Welcome to killjews.com! If you are reading this on our website, WE WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!! Please tell your friends to read our very important message. For some reason, every time our traffic goes up, our readers die!
This RSS feed will self-destruct in 3…2…1…”

I was going to blog for them but, really, what Israeli citizen can afford to support 72 virgins? I can’t even afford to shop at AM/PM.
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