Just for the Taste of It

So I like to make fun of my Israeli friends. It’s fun. The way they put the “s” in the wrong place, like “its depend” or “what its mean”…the way they say “ehhhh…” all the time…

Especially the way they say “ehhhhh” all deh time.

As I was harassing my co-worker Moran recently, I finally asked her “why don’t you ever make fun of me? Surely I say ridiculous things when trying to speak Hebrew! Why don’t Israelis ever make fun of Americans?” (If anyone wants to know the answer, one, because we’re more immature than them, and two…um, that’s pretty much it.) After a little prodding, I finally got her to do her best American impression. It wasn’t pretty-neither the accent or the social commentary.

“Omigaaaaaaaawd! I’m so ex-CIT-ed!!! Omigaaaaawd!

I want a Diet Coke!”

Nice to know the rest of the world thinks we’re all idiots from the Valley. The truth hurts.

(I want a Diet Coke???)

How the world sees Americans
Later on that day, I was back in Moran’s office trying to learn a little Hebrew. “What’s the difference between ‘heef-sah-deh-tee‘ and ‘fees-fahs-ti‘?” My co-worker Maya answers: “‘Hifsadeti’ is ‘I lost’ and ‘fisfasti’ is I missed.’ You would say ‘hifsadeti’ et hamilchama.”

I lost…the war? Way to use it in a sentence. Only in Israel.
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