What a Party! Purim Pictures, Part One

Purim 2007 (or 5767 to be accurate) has come and gone. A lot to say, no time right now (my internet is down and this beit cafe is closing soon.) Let’s get it started with some pictures…

By far, the most convincing costume I saw. Two guys dressed as a horse.  


“Lord of the Ehhhhs” 


My friend Ari, dressed as Slash. We couldn’t find anyone who recognized him which made me feel about 90 years old. 


How cute. Two guys dressed as Chassids. 


Ok, Purim or not, this mannequin is a little freaky.
Ech omrim “loosen the pants a little, please?” 


With security like this, it’s no wonder Israel stops so many suicide bombers.
Nice midriff, Officer. 


I don’t really have anything to say here. Ech omrim “eye candy”?

Enjoy these pictures…an inspired post coming soon. Chag Purim sameach!
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