Welcome to the War Zone!

Israel is a war zone. Or that’s what the rest of the world would have you believe, if you watch the news. Bullets flying, rockets falling, camels blowing up… Of course we know the truth.

I finally got around to registering this new domain last weekend, www.whatwarzone.com, to celebrate the humor and good times that we have over here, especially in Tel Aviv, “the city that never sleeps”. Every so often, I’ll post a picture from the front lines so all those in the Diaspora who have notions about life here can see what we Israelis must go through on a daily basis.

This picture displays the horror of my platoon being down to its last Jack Daniels and Coke, seen gripped in my right hand. Thank G-d a waitress was nearby to come to my aid.

More updates from the front lines to come!

Update: Please read the comments below and feel free to add your two shekels.

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