Time to Re-evaluate the Japan-Israel Diplomatic Relations

In my ongoing effort to eat healthily (I should really detail this if I ever have time), I went to the shuk to buy ingredients for this salmon recipe. Let’s hope no one in this country ever has to rely on wasabi to survive. It wasn’t so much the absence of it in any of the spice stands, it was more the ignorance to its existence in spite of the popularity of sushi here.Sample exchange:
Benji: “Yesh wasabi?”
Israeli: “Balsami?”
Benji: “I’m outta here.”

Speaking of cultural differences and linguistic things that make me laugh, I was talking with my roommate the other day…. You didn’t hear? That we’re now BFFs? Ok, let’s not go overboard but in spite of this incident which will forever live in infamy, we’ve been getting along much better recently, leading to the shocking decision to extend my lease through June.

Benji: “How do you say ‘to cut’?”
Roommate: “Ligzor.”
Benji: “Huh?! Why doesn’t it sound like ‘misparayim‘ (scissors)? That’s not even the same root!”
Roommate: “Why dahz eet have to be deh same wurd?! Eet’s like ‘plate’ and ‘to eat’!”
Benji: “Umm…yeah.”

Roommate 15
Benji love

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