This Guy Needs a Hug

According to this article, a man published an obituary for the state of Israel yesterday to express his frustration with the government.


According to the notice, the State “was murdered by wicked gold-diggers who
only sought power, men who would fight and argue. Those who destroyed you
(Israel) came from within you.”


Ok, so he’s angry. I got it. But then he keeps going.

Gonen…holds a lot of anger toward Israel’s citizens themselves, saying, “All
they do is munch on seeds, complain, and do nothing.” He defined the
Israeli public as good people, but said they act like a herd of sheep and the
blood of the finest among them is being spilled.

Hey, what did I do?!?! I don’t even like seeds.

“The government offices are like ping-pong tables; ministers don’t last more
than three-four months in office, nothing can be done at this rate. There
are Knesset members who act like they are in the circus,” he continued.

Quite an angry man.

With the demise of Israel, the only question left is the following:

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