The Ten Top Passover Pickup Lines

Got this via email yesterday (thanks, Stacy T.)

The Ten Top Passover Pickup Lines:
10. Let’s make this night really different from all other nights.

9. What will you do to me for two zuzim?

8. What’s a girl like you doing at a Seder like this?

How’d YOU like to ask her four questions?

7. I’m going to have to search you for chametz.

6. Nice Haggadah.

5. Let’s play “Hide the Afikomen”.

4. I bet I could make you sing Dayenu!

3. Did that just say we were in bondage?

2. I could never Pass you Over…

1. Hey pretty lady, why don’t you and me make our own Exodus on over to my place?

So, my loyal readers…what’s your favorite Passover pick-up line?

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