C’mon, Somebody Send Me Mail with Just a ”ב”, Dammit

So a couple of months ago, I received mail despite the street name being mangled. This time, no country. I know that all of my loyal readers know where Tel Aviv is but I’m surprised some disgruntled postal worker took the time to get this letter to me instead of sending it back. In the words of comic Dan Naturman, 90% of Americans couldn’t find Canada on a map…of Canada.
(Upon further review, what does it say that this piece of mail originated in my employer’s office? Either some data enterer was itchy to leave the office that day, or they weren’t sure where Tel Aviv is. For the future of the Jewish people, let’s hope for the former.)

I repeat:

This country is so small, you could seriously send something to “Shimon, Israel” and he would get it no questions asked. “David, Kibbutz Goldshtein?” Done and done! Anyone want to play a game of “Stump the Postman?” Let’s try this out once and for all. I’m asking one of my loyal readers to mail me a care package with just the letter “ב” in place of my name. Let’s see what happens. (If you send Doritos, please send to my full address. Some things just aren’t working messing around about.)

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