“Bruchim Haba’im l’Hooterim! Can I take your….ehhhhhhh…..”

What to say? Pure comedy will be realized when Hooters makes its way to Israel as announced here. This is the kind of thing that we (those of us who like making fun of Israel in the most affectionate way) dream of. Let’s just say this investigative reporter will be saying hamotzi in person come opening day.

Isn’t this the fulfillment of the Zionist dream? Herzl longed for a place where Jews would have their own state. A place where we fill the work force: as doctors, merchants, laborers, and now as Hooters girls. IM TIRTZU EIN ZO AGADA!

  • Just some things which crossed my mind in anticipation of this glorious event…
    Will they be selling Jewish Hooters calendars, complete with the holidays? “Holy chumus, Shmulik! Check out Miss Cheshvan! She is SMOKIN’!!!”
  • Suddenly, the IDF’s generation-long stay at the top of the “Hottest Uniform” rankings just got a little more tenuous, didn’t it? This is the biggest shake-up since Katie Couric and the “Today Show” took down “Good Morning America” in the 90s.
  • In light of the controversy surrounding the color orange during the disengagement from Gaza, it will be interesting to see what happens to the uniforms if Israel withdraws from the West Bank in the upcoming years. “Hooters, the official restaurant of the settler movement!”
  • What’s next to come to Israel? This? I can’t wait till security frisks me. “YES! YES! I’M A TERRORIST!!! I’VE GOT A BOMB IN MY PANTS! WHO WANTS TO DISARM IT???”
  • If the discrimination lawsuits make their way overseas, things should get interesting. How long until an Arab waitress sues for the right to wear a burqa?
  • Where are they going to hire their waitstaff from? Could it be? Another Bar Refaeli joke? Naaahh…..too predictable.

Hooters in Israel…the jokes write themselves…there’s no way I keep a straight face when my waitress says “bah-falo weengs.”

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