Your Email is a War Zone (I Wouldn’t Send My Kids There)

Israel continues to be a war zone. Just today, I risked my life eating 2 scoops of cookies and cream in sunny Tel Aviv. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END???

Thank G-d the media is here to report things accurately.

Right to left: Michal, Ziv, Tuborg, and Benji on the front lines
Tell my parents I love them.

Seriously, and sadly, does anyone even notice when horrible random violence happens in the States? Note the shootings in Utah and Philly.

Moving along, the management team at What War Zone??? is proud to announce the new appearance of a magic button on the right of this page which, when pressed with a simple mouse-click, will deliver my updates directly to your inbox. You of course have to enter your email address first but let’s not get caught up in confusing techie jargon. (I’m not convinced I set it up correctly on the back end so if you don’t get updates, please email me to let me know!)

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