Through Rain, Sleet, Snow, and Chumus…

What do they say about the US Postal Service? That they’ll deliver under any circumstances, be it rain, sleet, or snow? Apparently they have more obstacles than their Israeli counterparts.

My mom sent me a package a week or so ago. I got it today, despite the fact that she spelled my street name wrong, leaving out one letter and getting another wrong. No big surprise since the locals can’t figure out what street I’m on either.

Israeli: “Where do you leev?”
Me: “Berdichevsky
Israeli: “Tchernikovsky?”

Happens every time.

So here is the envelope with the mailing label still attached.

(In the very unlikely event that I have a stalker, I figured better safe than sorry. Ergo, the crossed-out portions.) It still got here. Of COURSE it did-have you ever mailed anything to Israel? No zip code? No proh-blem!

This country is so small, you could seriously send something to “Shimon, Israel” and he would get it no questions asked. “David, Kibbutz Goldshtein?” Done and done! Anyone want to play a game of “Stump the Postman?” Let’s try this out once and for all. I’m asking one of my loyal readers to mail me a care package with just the letter “ב” in place of my name. Let’s see what happens. (If you send Doritos, please send to my full address. Some things just aren’t working messing around about.)

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