The Mother of All ”Yiyeh B’seders”

As I detailed a few months ago, one of the national slogans here is “Yiyeh B’seder (it will be ok)”. There’s no situation yiyeh b’seder can’t handle. It’s the Clorox bleach of phrases.

I recently witnessed the mother of all yiyeh b’seders when talking with my roommate. It unfolded like this.

Benji: “I read in the paper that the Arabs are preparing for war.”
Roommate: “Ahhhh, dat’s bullsheet.
B: “You think so? What about all the rhetoric from Iran?”
R: “Dey have been saying dat for years.”
B: “And now they’re building a bomb!”
R: “So what?”
B: “So then they nuke us! Kablooey!”
R: “So they nuke us! Yiyeh b’seder!”

And there it was. I felt like I just watched Wilt Chamberlain score 100 points in a game. I’ll be telling my grandkids about that performance some day.

Other fun yiyeh b’seder references (maybe this should have its own label):
Yiyeh B’seder at Ulpan!
Yiyeh B’seder Cleaning the Floor!
Yiyeh B’seder at the Bank!

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