Seesaw swingin’ with the boys in the school and your feet flyin’ up in the….eeeehhhhh……..

When things like this come across my proverbial desk, why do I feel like someone is playing a practical joke on me? After excluding true “fanatics” who travel the country following their favorite band, memorizing everything about each member, and having Steven Tyler’s middle name tattooed on their tuchus, I am the biggest Aerosmith fan I know. To anyone my age or younger who wants to remind me that they’ve sold out and produced crap for the last 10 years or so…yeah, fine. But listen to “Toys in the Attic” or anything from the 70’s to hear why they were called America’s greatest rock and roll band. You can even stretch that to the “Pump” and Alicia Silverstone years if you want although I won’t twist your mezuzah.

(It’s not like people were throwing this “greatest” label on the Backstreet Boys in the 90’s only to wake up years later and realize, “What were we THINKING??? They SUCK!” Aerosmith’s talent back then was undeniable. Why am I getting so defensive about this? Like I’m one to argue music with anyone. I have Rick Astley and Hanson on my iPod for G-d’s sakes.)

My musical tastes or just a Halloween costume???
We may never know the truth…

Aside from this short reference at the end, I haven’t mentioned my affinity for them in this here blog although my friend Philip tells me I should start branching off and talking about some other odds and ends to make things interesting for you, my loyal readers.

In any event, imagine my surprise when I came across the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Not only is our favorite Israeli piece of, umm…shnitzel, Bar Refaeli, featured in it (see here for fun Bar posts!) but look who she’s posing with! Are you kidding me??? I haven’t been that excited since the falafel guy near my office gave me extra chumus in my pita for Chanukah.

If that’s not enough, as I was writing this, my Gmail notifier told me that I had a new email, announcing the new INTERNATIONAL dates for the Aerosmith tour. Holding my breath, I looked to see if perhaps I’d be singing the words to “Dream On” along with thousands of Israelis…but alas, not this time (sigh).

We’ll just have to make do with clips like this.

(And Kanye, why so serious with your swimsuit model? Yeah, I can see why you’re angry. You have a tough life.)

So my loyal readers…what band would you like to see pose with Bar Refaeli and why?

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