Back and Better than Ever

Hello, my loyal readers-is anybody still out there? To paraphrase the famous ’80s commercial, don’t hate me for not writing. No excuses. Visitors from the States, Ulpan, first-year craziness…I guess the “no excuses” attitude lasted all of one sentence. Hopefully 2007 will bring many new posts, stories, Youtube links, pop culture references, and of course, laughs and distractions from politics and this man…

So you may have noticed the new award banner at the top of this page. If a contest happens in the forest and nobody knows about it, does it make a sound? The “People’s Choice Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards” received no publicity, I failed to send out even a single email to friends, there was no voting (instead, the use of ratings from the last 7 months or so on israelforum.com), and I won the bronze for Best Humor Blog because the third place winner (Aussie Dave) had already won in another category. I’ll take it though. Supposedly Dave is going to relaunch the original JIBs (Jewish and Israeli Blog awards), complete with publicity and a little organization so stay tuned. In any event, it’s nice to know that people out there are laughing. Let’s keep the laughs coming…

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