I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Boy

Forgive me, my loyal readers, for I have sinned. I haven’t posted in too long (Katherine, oh, new and loyal reader and frequent commenter, will you ever forgive me???) I know you will when you discover that Mr. and Mrs. What War Zone (my parents) left Israel yesterday after visiting for the first time in a whopping TWENTY-TWO YEARS. It was a busy week following a busy week with another few of them on the way. Nevertheless, it’s posting time. I’ll have something up by tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a graphic to tide you over. I recently ate at Spagetim, a restaurant which serves…any guesses? While the food was fresh, the kiddie’s menu was not. (Apparently, the term “political correctness” hasn’t yet made it to this fine dining establishment.)

Nice coloring book, you ignoramuses.
What is this, 1950?

More to come…
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